Our Boxing technique is very unique because we know Muay Thai and we can incorporate some of the techniques into Boxing like using your elbow to block and advance foot work into the workout. This allows the students to exceed their potential of growth in boxing by not limiting their techniques to those found only in regular American boxing.


Boxing is an old-fashioned fighting art that uses the fists to strike your opponent along with good footwork to dodge the opponents’ strikes. As with most sports, boxing has huge health benefits such as increased muscular endurance and improved cardiovascular function. Boxing also teaches you how to be independent. Unlike many other sports where matches are played by teams that consist of multiple people playing together to achieve a common goal, boxing is a fighting sport in which people face their opponent one on one.


As in every sport, we will build you from the ground up with endurance and technique training.  We condition the hand and arm coordination along with training foot work. At the same time this will build up discipline and self-confidence.


As we continue to train you, your vision will change in such a manner that when someone throws a quick jab at you, it will seem like it is actually moving very slowly. Next your body reflexes will become programed to move automatically into defensive and counter movements without having any delayed reactions.


We also offer our students the option to compete in amateur boxing. Amateur matches most often times include wearing gear to protect the head and groin and are sometimes sanctioned by USA boxing. In conclusion, boxing teaches students about the human body mechanics. This is a great sport that requires one to be really intellectual since boxing uses brains more than fists. People of all ages can find benefits in this type of training.


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