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Muay Thai has been referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” meaning that it uses the fists, elbows, knees, and legs to strike the opponent. It is a Martial Art that originated from Thailand and is typically known for its stand up techniques but here at Harnessing Muay Boran we teach the entire art of Muay Thai which also involves groundwork and joint lock techniques that are not as common. This ancient style of Muay Thai we teach is called “Muay Boran” which means “Ancient Fighting.” Muay Boran is known for its very low fighting stance to keep the fighter very stable and grounded, harnessing the power from the Earth to use in its striking. We also focus a lot on stretching and iron body conditioning which gradually makes the bones and muscles of the body more dense and resistant to injury from strikes.


Here at Harnessing Muay Boran, we build our students from the ground up. We have a linear program that has every student start with the basic fighting stance and progressively learn new techniques. We feel that it is important to get the students body conditioned before they strike anything. This reduces the risk of injury to the student and insures that they have a safe learning process here at our studio. We look to keep our students coming back for years, not months. We also don’t make any of our students compete if they don’t want to. We understand that not everyone is a fighter and that some people just want to improve their level of fitness and learn how to defend themselves if necessary.


HMB has two different groups of students a beginner and advanced. The advanced is a group of individuals that are looking for a more accelerated and fast pace program. Advanced student are allow to compete when they are ready. They receive extra training, more advanced iron body conditioning, and a deeper understanding of the philosophy and culture.


Lastly our Muay Thai fighters can make the transition to compete or spar in Boxing.


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