Sports Massage Therapy

The Sports Massage that we perform at HMB is for anyone that does intense work with the muscles and bones or carries a lot of stress and tension in their body. We hit the pressure points while massaging the body and also re-align the skeletal bones. For the Iron Body Massage, which makes the bones and muscles more dense, we use Thai and Chinese medicated oils to perform a deep tissue massage and we adjust the pressure accordingly to the client. All of the medicated oils that are used during the massage are available for purchase as well.


The health benefits are great for people with chronic illness that are seeking therapy for relief of aches and pains. Some of the chronic illness that we specialize in are back pain, arthritis and knee injury. Our Sports Massage is very beneficial for athletes and the working class.  Having the Sports Massage and Martial Arts in one location is unique in Western Massachusetts. If you are our student and you get hurt while training in class we can help you right away.


We offer different types of massage such as Thai Massage, Swedish Deep Tissue, Iron Body Massage, Gua Sha and Cupping. We keep the atmosphere peaceful which calms the mind and soul while we work on your body.


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