Women Self Defense

Muay Thai is very powerful Martial Art thus we use it to teach the Women’s Self Defense class. Not too many are aware that Muay Thai has a lot of defensive move along with joint locks and take down of the opponents.


There are many benefits for women to learn self-defense one is the classes are not one month long course.  Having taken a class for one month will not ensure your skill will be up to par when you are in a combat battle.  I encourage the ladies to build up your skill especially when you never experience a full contact situation.


Most ladies love the courses and decided that they want to learn this for a year or two and depends on how far their body and mind can take them thru training for full contact training and conditioning.


At the same time the ladies here loved it because the workout guarantees that they will lose weight. Some women have built up the confident to even compete for an amateur fight in the rings. One thing I noticed that the ladies work hard and form a sister hood with their class mate.


There is no training places anywhere out there like the one we have here in our facility. The teachers are very friendly and maintain a high level of professionalism. We build great quality students here.


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